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Getting to the Root of Loving Life


Knowing more about wine in order to love life more.


Getting a treehouse perspective on life in order to playfully love life more.

Dr. Corwynn Beals was born in Wine Country…


Dr. Corwynn Beals was born in Wine Country just as some of the very first pinot noir wines were being made in 1969.  He has grown up in and explored the Willamette Valley his entire life (except for 8 years in graduate school on the East Coast—he earned a Masters at Yale University in philosophy and a Ph.D. in philosophy at Fordham University in New York).   He has taught philosophy for 15 years, specializing in phenomenology and philosophy of the land.  He has taught experiential courses on the philosophy of Land in New Zealand and Belize, and Oregon.  After teaching at a dry campus for his entire career, he is now happy to bring together his two passions of philosophy and wine, which paired together well for as long as both have been around.  He lives on a small farm in the heart of the Dundee Hills and enjoys the Sequoia treehouse he spent six years building.  He lives on this farm with his wise and beautiful wife and their two teenage sons.  He loves sharing his love and passion and knowledge of this beautiful place called the Willamette Valley and learns more about it every day. 

“A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world”

— Louis Pasteur